why i’m writing without capitalization

take a look at my blog posts from 2016. it shouldn’t take long: i wrote 3 of them.

during the same period, i wrote 18 different drafts that i never published.

why? i like writing, it’s something i want to get better at, etc. etc.

but the reality is, for each of the 18 posts i drafted last year, i got 90% of the way there. but didn’t feel like i had something good enough – polished enough – to publish. the barrier to publishing something under my name was too high.

this year, thanks in part to my partner ryan kulp, i’m taking a new approach. for blog posts i’ve spent a lot of time, thought cycles and editing hours on (like the recent meta problems post), i’ll write it normally with normal capitalization. for other posts that i’m not editing and am just jotting thoughts down, well you see the result.

my theory is that this will allow me to ship more. so far, it seems to be working.

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  1. thumbs on on finding a process that works for you

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