The Wonder of a Virus

H To He Who Am The Only One

Today I had one of those “WOW” moments where I am just amazed at what talented people can accomplish. I read this article on Yahoo today and was blown away that something like that could be created. As someone new to the world of computer programming, and currently teaching myself Ruby on Rails, I cannot even fathom how something like that would work. As a beginner, I could not even figure out the issues with Diaspora’s code they released earlier this week. Guess I won’t be building a social network anytime soon.

For many people, I believe there is truly almost no limit to what they can achieve. Although Stuxnet, most would argue, is not a good thing for the world, it is still astonishing that such a program/virus can be created.  Although I could not create something like this, seeing this done makes me think of the many people I know who do not make full use of their potential. I can only hope that I am making the most of mine.

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