startups i’d invest in today

at some point in the next 10 years, i plan to start an angellist syndicate. until then, i’ll be writing occasional (timestamped) posts detailing the companies i would invest in today, and why i’d invest in them. the goal is to build a track record of predictions around startup success before it’s happened. most companies i’ll look at will be in the tech and food spaces. for my march notes (and why i’m doing this), see here.

beyond the last post, here are some other startups i’d invest in:

civic – i love this company. the entrepreneur, vinny lingham, is super sharp and thoughtful. they’re one of the first companies in the blockchain / crypto space doing something really innovative with real money and an experienced team behind them. i think they have a shot at being the amazon of this crypto bubble.

the idea is a great one too. privacy issues and data breaches are a multi-billion dollar problem with major economic costs. if civic can solve even a small chunk of the online identity/security problem, they will be a hugely valuable company that lives at the intersection of the new blockchain world.


opendoor – another one i think is just brilliant. their promise is that they will provide a near-instant offer on your home, based on a complex set of algorithms and they’ve built in-house. great idea, super strong team and if they can execute and get this model to work for even a small percentage of homes nationwide, it will be a huge business.

more than that, i am a big fan of anything that increases liquidity in an illiquid market. people’s homes – where 50%+ of their net worth is often tied up – is a big one. i’ve seen this firsthand when my parents took nearly a year to sell a house, and the negative ways it impacted our family and finances during that time.


stedi – twilio for EDI. edi is a huge pain that we’ve had to deal with at kettle & fire. it’s actually been so painful to implement that we’ve put it off for months, and probably lost some revenue growth in the process. stedi promises to make edi integration as simple as twilio made sms. if they can pull it off (they’re very early), it’s going to be a huge, twilio-esque company.


i’ll be writing more thoughts every 2-3 months, so stay tuned. and if you have questions or think i’m an idiot, feel free to share in the comments. only time will tell how good these predictions are.

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