Is Impossible Burger healthy?

As the plant-based trend picks up steam (and the Beyond Meat IPO outperforms), plenty of people are asking – is the Impossible Burger healthy?

tl;dr – no. Not in my opinion.

Take a look at their ingredients below:ย 

The Impossible Burger ingredients are different: their most controversial ingredient is Soy Leghemoglobin. To make this ingredient, Impossible genetically engineers a yeast bacterium to produce a protein (soy leghemoglobin) that gives their burger more of a โ€œmeatyโ€ taste.

The jury is out on how safe this ingredient is (Nassim Taleb notably has concerns on GMOs), but Iโ€™d consider myself skeptical.

In general, I think unwise to mess with the complex system of human biology by introducing large quantities of GMO ingredients.

My larger concern on both Beyond Meat and Impossible “burgers” is that – at the least – they are HIGHLY processed products with lots of ingredients that I donโ€™t think lead to healthier humans: vegetable oils, soy, protein isolates, additives, all non-organic. They are not real foods.

Not only that, but Iโ€™m concerned any time I see a nutrient-dense food (like meat) being replaced by a highly processed variant. Historically, that hasnโ€™t done good things for human health.

The human body is an incredibly complex system, about which we still know very little. Complexity research cautions against introducing new things into a complex + related system, because it can have unintended consequences.

All told, neither Impossible nor Beyond deliver on the health message they tout, and theyโ€™re not things Iโ€™d plan to incorporate into my diet.

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  1. Though it does make me wonder – how do they compare to the red meat and processed meats that they replace?

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