I Launched A Thing

For the last year, I’ve written pretty much nothing. With the exception of a piece I wrote on using psychology to improve conversion rate, and another about Kettle & Fire on SumoMe (link), I’ve pretty much let my writing skills atrophy in 2016.

Though not ideal, it’s largely because I’ve been super busy! Founding, growing and running Kettle & Fire has taken up more than enough of my time. And on top of that, since March I’ve been spending what little “extra” time I have on another side project… a company my business partner and I acquired March of this year.

Today, after months of development, I’m excited to officially launch Fomo, an app that adds social proof elements (recent purchases, website visitors, etc.) to any website or ecommerce store.

Fomo – “Fear of Missing Out” from Fomo on Vimeo.

My business partner and I bought the app back in March, when it was still called Notify. At the time, I’d installed it on Kettle & Fire and seen how displaying recent orders – “Someone from San Francisco just bought 4 cartons of bone broth 40 minutes ago!” – improved our conversion rate. In our case, we saw a lift of around 30%!

I’m excited to officially launch Fomo today, and add a powerful new tool to the marketing tools stack. If you want to sign up and start improving your site’s conversion rate today, check it out – http://usefomo.com.

If you install it and have any feedback, I’d love to hear from you – @jwmares on Twitter, or by email at justin {at} justinmares.com.

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