Do vs Learn…

Is something I’ve been struggling with for the last few months. It’s a tough balance to hit, and involves constant second-guessing. I see so many opportunities where I feel like I could do something, and so many other opportunities where I could work with people far smarter than myself. The hardest decisions I’ve had so far are ones where the outcome would be a good one, no matter the choice. How do you make a decision in those cases?

One of the things I remember from Thinking Fast and Slow┬áis that people will go to great lengths to avoid shutting the door on their options, even if it hurts them. I’m starting to appreciate that. No matter what choice I make, I will be shutting the door on other options that I have. Even not making a decision and delaying is itself a choice.

What’s been helpful is again going back to my principles, realizing that my decision doesn’t really matter. I don’t know that I could make a choice right now that in the long run couldn’t be reversed. Over the next year I’ll learn a lot, be closer to figuring out what I like doing, and have an understanding of what makes me happy in terms of work. All of this will come about regardless of what decisions I make now. And that’s a calming thought.