Do vs Learn…

Is something I’ve been struggling with for the last few months. It’s a tough balance to hit, and involves constant second-guessing. I see so many opportunities where I feel like I could do something, and so many other opportunities where I could work with people far smarter than myself. The hardest decisions I’ve had so far are ones where the outcome would be a good one, no matter the choice. How do you make a decision in those cases?

One of the things I remember from Thinking Fast and Slow is that people will go to great lengths to avoid shutting the door on their options, even if it hurts them. I’m starting to appreciate that. No matter what choice I make, I will be shutting the door on other options that I have. Even not making a decision and delaying is itself a choice.

What’s been helpful is again going back to my principles, realizing that my decision doesn’t really matter. I don’t know that I could make a choice right now that in the long run couldn’t be reversed. Over the next year I’ll learn a lot, be closer to figuring out what I like doing, and have an understanding of what makes me happy in terms of work. All of this will come about regardless of what decisions I make now. And that’s a calming thought.

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