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Today, for the first time in a while, I checked my Google Reader. For those who don’t know, it basically compiles updated blog entries from different sites and blogs I have chosen to follow. I had over 100 articles that I hadn’t yet read that were from sites that I found interesting or informative. This got me thinking.

I realized just how much reading I do to NOT miss something, as opposed to learning something. In a lot of ways, even though I am reading about startups, reading these blogs is a lot like watching the news – it’s seemingly a good thing to stay informed, but in reality probably doesn’t do much for you. I could have spent an hour going through each article and probably would have read some good things, but they would have been devalued by all the other stuff I read that just didn’t really matter.

I cut out 15 of the 25 blogs that I had subscribed to, and will see how things go. I wonder how many other things we spend time on, just to make sure that we don’t miss out on anything. Hopefully I can use this extra time to learn, work and grow, rather than be able to talk to a few select startuppy people about the latest social, mobile, game mechanics group buying site.

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