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I created the go-to course for marketers and growth hackers wanting to learn SQL.Check out some of the reviews below:

“I loved this course. I was able to power through it within 3 hours and have a solid base of understanding for SQL. As a digital marketer, it’s important that I have access to my database and customer information BUT that I do not waste valuable developer resources. This course aims to bridge that gap by teaching you the tools you need to query your SQL database and running your own reports. I can’t recommend this course enough for SQL newbies. I now have a base of understanding of SQL and excited to use it at work this week! Thanks Justin!!”   – Ben Hoffman

“This course was an excellent briefer into the complex world of pulling databases. I have been working in the world of online marketing for a while now, and I have been experimenting/dabbling with more technical skills. The most I have ever gotten into SQL was building Rails apps and accessing the console in order to pull data, but I never got into writing much longer queries to pull specific data. I highly recommend this course for any marketer that would like to grow in their technical expertise, as I believe that in the end, it will separate average marketers from excellent ones.” – Sheldon Smickley

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Below are the best SQL resources I’ve found online. These will be useful for further familiarizing yourself with SQL, understanding how you can use this powerful tool, and playing with some of the many technical resources out there.

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Web Resources:

Technical Resources:


  • Benjamin Hoffman

    i just completed Justin’s Udemy course. I really enjoyed it. Although I might not be an SQL ninja yet, I am definitely well on my way. Before the course, I had zero knowledge of the subject. After the course, I now understand how SQL works, I can run a number of basic queries, and I see the full potential and necessity to learn more about SQL. I highly recommend this course to any digital marketer who is wants to up their skills and get more technical.

    Justin – A few suggestions
    1) highlight your SQL Query Builder higher on this page. In your Udemy course, you had a CTA to go access this file. Upon landing on this page, I had to scan to find it. Bring it higher and make it more obvious.

    2) I enjoyed your course but I have some advice. The beginning part is extremely important because that is when you have our attention the most. Instead of spending so much time telling us why SQL is important, show us more examples. You do show us the cohort example but that is later in the intro and it is short. Remember, people who have signed up for your course already know the value of SQL – for example, I skipped some of the intro because I said, “yeah I agree SQL is important… let’s get moving!” There is no need for convincing.

    Also, I would have loved to see more exercises. Specifically, you asked your class to find the country that has the most orders. Take it to the next level and teach us how to calculate which country has the most revenue – that is much more important! Or which country has the most shipments. Walk us step by step.

    Through hacks, I was able to teach myself the per order revenue but I am still trying to figure out how to calculate total revenue per country.

    So yeah, in sum, shorten the intro (i.e.: front-load the cohort report example + one more cool real-life example) and add a few more ‘complicated’ queries.

    Overall, I give this course a solid 8 of 10 with the potential to hit 10 of 10 after these changes.

    • justinmares

      Thanks for the feedback Ben! Will start getting to work on some of those changes!